August 13, 2008

Getting Ready.

In case you haven't been there in a few, Mom I'm Bored has a new name. Sarah & her sister have renamed their pet project Mom's Marbles.

If you head over there for their renaming celebration week, they're giving away LOTS of really cool prizes. Check it out. Totally worth it!

And the Hot Mama Revolution Shopping Spree Challenge is still going strong. Click the button in my side bar & check it out.

Those were my public service announcements for today.

School starts tomorrow!! #1 Son keeps reminding me, "It's only visit day, Mom." BabyGirl goes from 8 to 10 & #1 Son can visit for as long as he likes during that time....he just can't ride the bus. So tonight begins our earlier bed time (would have started a few weeks back, but VBS put a kink in that plan) and tomorrow our earlier wake-up. That I'm not looking forward to.

In the night last night I thought I heard a commotion near the FarmHand's bedrooms. I was nursing Bitsy, so I tapped Husband & sent him to investigate. I heard talking, saw lights, and heard the cabinet door open & close. My first thought was, "Oh no. Someone's puking." But after a few, Husband trudged back in to bed. "What's going on?" "They were all in the bathroom." "All of them?" "Yup. BabyGirl can't go back to sleep, so I let her leave her light on but told her no noise." I thought he'd lost his mind. It's got to be 3 in the morning! Then I rolled over & looked at the clock. It was 5:30 am. Maybe she's practicing for tomorrow.

We finally cleaned out her closet yesterday. This time my requirements were a bit different. Just because it fits, doesn't mean it stayed. With thought of SPD & horrible mornings, I made her try on everything & decided if it felt good or not. If she wasn't comfortable in it, it got packed away. I'm hoping this will minimize the battles.

Part of me is wishing our school system would incorporate uniforms like Art's just did. She hated buying all the uniforms for her kids, but said it's stopped the morning drama that surrounds dressing a 10 year old girl. I could totally go for that!

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Vic said...

I would love uniforms, just a simple plain colored shirt and khakis rule, with white tennis shoes. Would so make things easier...