August 18, 2008


"Why are you being nice to me? You're only not my girlfriend when you're being bad to me." -B.B.

I learn so much when it's just me & B.B. It's probably my favorite thing about having the older kids in school.

B.B. is munching on grapes & watching "The Buzz & Woody with Jessie on it." Bitsy is bringing me grapes to bite in half & share with her. Lilly May is napping on the fire place hearth. Husband just went back to bed to take a nap. I've run a load of dishes in the dish washer & washed a load of towels. Lunch is ready to go in the oven when the time comes. I've caught up on my blogs. It's quiet. It's calm. I have no idea what to do with myself. I may have a panic attack. Well, maybe not.

There are things that need doing. I do not feel like doing them at the moment. Is this what a life of leisure feels like?


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Soak up every leisure moment you can and never feel guilty about it.

Kork said...

Amen Ragged!

Seriously Farmie...enjoy getting to know B.B. and Bitsy while their big brother and sister are away at school, and enjoy having time to just sit for awhile...

For me, I have to be careful, otherwise all I do is sit and then nothing gets done. SIGH

emily said...

I'm with everyone else, enjoy the leisure while you can!