August 18, 2008

Heaven preserve me....get it....huh? huh? do ya'?

I'm canning my first batch of applesauce. This isn't the first batch I've made, but it's the first batch I've canned. I'm not sure I've really given the run down around here, but I have about 16 quarts of green beans canned, 2 or 3 quarts frozen. About 12 bags of tomato sauce frozen. Countless (probably 17 or so) bags of shredded zucchini. Quarts & Quarts & Quarts of corn frozen. 4 quarts of frozen chopped tomatoes. 4 bags of frozen peas. I'm running out of room & there's still TONS of corn left to put up. I may have to spill over into Busha's freezer....unless I can convince Husband of my need for the little stand up freezer I'm lusting after.

It's in his best interest. Right now I have no room for any deer he may kill this fall...and no where to put the rabbits he'll need to butcher before it gets cold. Yes, I need that freezer.

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Kork said...

Have I told you how jealous I am of your amazing garden and the incredible harvest you're realizing???????

I just went to the store and picked up the veggies and fruits that we don't have space to grow, and spent another $140...on produce people! OY!