August 30, 2008

Little of this, little of that

One more puppy is gone. Yipee!! Two left...if Bob goes. Please, someone love Bob. Please.

Time to put up more corn. Ugh. I think we could feed an Army platoon with all the corn we have hanging out in the back yard.

The kids are hanging out in the yard with their daddy today. It's nice & quiet in the house. I'm considering locking the doors so no one can come back in.

Made more pear sauce last night. I just put the instructions on wha'cha got cookin'? if you're interested. Yummy!

I may get back into blogging full time again....some day. At the moment I'm a tad uninspired.

Hey, I have an idea. How about a short revival of Ask FarmWife? Or better yet, FarmWife asks? I have a few questions....

Why do they call it "canning" when you're really preserving things in glass jars?

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