July 22, 2008

FarmWife episode...oh, who knows?

Ang wanted to know why you're told to gargle with salt water when you have laryngitis when the salt water never actually reaches the vocal cords. Honestly, I'd never heard of gargling for laryngitis, only for sore throats. But I guess if you have both, it can't hurt. From what little I can find, the pain is caused by swelling (edema) in the throat. The salt draws moisture to the area, reducing swelling & improving blood flow speeding relief to the area.

If your laryngitis is the "I feel fine, but I have no voice" variety, I don't think it would help much.

Sunday we were going to take the kids to see Wall-E, but the closest theater showing it was an hour away. Instead we hit up the local Family Video & left with 11 movies for $11.80. Gotta' love that! So for the past 2 days, with the heat indexes hovering around 103, we've been holed up in the house watching videos, eating Pop-Ice (gotta' love how they come in packs of 16...or 100!), playing Little People, lounging on the couch, and enjoying the AC. Of course "Heat Index of 103" means absolutely nothing to the FarmHands, so they occasionally yell, "Why don't you ever let us go outside!" So I tell them, "I'm afraid the horse flies will carry you away & feed you to their babies." They hate horse flies.
Hopefully the rain last night was enough to knock the heat down a bit. If they don't get to swim soon there may be a mutiny.
In other news, Husband has to report of Jury Duty today. I have mixed emotions about this. I trust that the Good Lord will put him where he needs to be.


a wandering heart said...

We've grown quite fond of netflix as our source of videos, especially with gas prices as they are. We're on the 3 at a time plan, and it is soo convenient.

Kork said...

We are not yet to the point where we need variety...Captain Chaos is perfectly content to sit and watch the same old Veggie Tales over and over and over and over and over...