March 15, 2008

To heck with the Ides of March

While not full blown sick today, I am feeling a bit on the puny side. Throat still a tad icky, head aching dully, tired, worn out, just plain blah. The kids are cranky. The sky is cloudy. (Husband interjects, "And the powder's bitchin'.") I would rather be in bed.

Instead I have made bunnies in eggs (I'll try to post on Nudge-Nudge later), started on a taggy blanket for a baby shower (also will be on Nudge-Nudge at some point), baked banana bread, & made biscuits & gravy.

RL, Beffie, and NM came over this afternoon to show us their new puppy. She's a 15 week old Schweiner (that's a Shitzu & a Dachshund cross) named Chestnut. She's a little doll...looks a great deal like an Ewok. Being the Star Wars junky I am, I adore her.

Then Husband's cousin SB came by to visit. She lives about 3 hours north of us & we don't get to see her very often. There's a family dinner tonight at Grandma in Country's, but since I'm feeling iffy, we're staying home. I really don't want to share any nastiness with little people & old folks.
Is 6:21 too early to put everyone to bed?


Anonymous said...

i'm in my jammies now on my bed does that count? I hope you start feelin' better soon. hugs and cyber chicken soup..(ya like that helps right?)

Kork said...

The only reason I wasn't in jammies and/or bed at 6:21 this evening is because our neighbors came over to visit us with a new catalog for her home business...and then I got roped into grilling the the 40 degree overcast ickiness...hmmmm...something's wrong here...