March 14, 2008

Madam FarmWife foretells all

I am going to make a prediction. Tomorrow I will be sick. I know this because I'm a tad achy today & my throat is doing that weird-raw-nasty thing that happens the day before I'm flat out ill. I'm wondering if I can take a sick day...

Bitsy is hanging in there pretty well. The hives come & go depending on how far from her last dose of Benadryl we are. The picture was taken about 10 hours after her last dose (over night I didn't wake her up to give it to her). They are getting progressively smaller & less frequent.

I plan on avoiding the mixed veggies until this is all clear & then introducing the ingredients separately over time to see what happens. It feels a tad like Russin Roulette Gerber style.

Until BabyGirl's go around with hives we'd never had a single outbreak of them in this house. Now I'm wondering if they're the new fad in the FarmHouse. If so, I do not like it.

Don't look now, but I think my glands are swelling.


Kork said...

I am sorry darlingest! Hang in there...and I'm telling you that EmergenC rocks! I was starting to get Captain Chaos' ick and I had that instead of my tea for the last 3 mornings, and am doing surprisingly well for not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, with a max of 5 hours each night for the last 10 days...spring is right around the corner and the icky germs will all get cooked in the sun...try to rest, call upon your beloved Busha to help as much as you can!!!

Anonymous said...

oh dear...oh my...I wish I could be there to help my sweet petunia. Saying prayers that ya'll stop getting sick and get to feelin' better