March 13, 2008

Oh Bitsy, really?

Apparently Bitsy's jealous. She saw all the fuss we made over BabyGirl when she broke out in hives, so tonight she decided to follow suit.

After 15 minutes or so at the playground after school (it was 70!) it started sprinkling, so we headed to Busha's to visit for a short bit. We were there about 40 minutes, then headed home so I could tackle my too long put off chores. BabyGirl was doing her homework, the boys were in the bath, and I fed Bitsy her first jar of Gerber Mixed Vegetables. She made a bit of a mess, so I stripped her down for her bath. When I did, I noticed a red spot on her thigh. My first thought was bug bite, but it's the wrong time of year & I checked her pants for a spider.

After her bath I noticed a second spot on her other thigh & one on her belly. I started to get very worried, but decided to wait & see what they did. I finished everyone's baths while I loaded the dish washer. I would occasionally check to see if the spots were growing. The two on her legs grew, the one on her belly disappeared.

That pretty much sealed it for me. I called Busha to come set with the kids (they need a firm hand at bedtime), and finished making dinner.

At the ER, the doc said they were hives, but we're not sure what's caused them. My guess is the mixed veggies, but I don't think they had anything in them she hasn't had before. He told me to give her Benadryl every 4 hours & to watch her. She wasn't having any trouble breathing and nothing was swelling up, so he didn't want to put her on steroids (thank goodness).

I'd like to make it crystal clear: I do not like hives. To my children: Please stop breaking out in them. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

oh boy..I was gonna say food allergy but after you said she's had all the vegitables before then that struck it down..Prickle heat rash/hives? I hope she doesn't do it again.

emily said...

Ugh, hives are awful. I'm sorry y'all have had them. Here's hoping for a hive-less weekend!