February 10, 2008

Valentimes & Tree Houses.

B.B.'s new favorite phrase: That's It!!
Usually followed by: Now you give me an Oreo!!
I'm tired of living with Sonny Corleone.

Last week we were filling out BabyGirl & #1 Son's Valentines to give away at school this week. B.B. gets very upset if he's left out of the school prep for holidays. I told him he could use the leftover cards to give to people if he wants. When the time came, I asked who he wanted to give them to (expecting him to name cousins or friends from church) & he said, "Christian & Lola at my school."

Now, you should know B.B. has a very vivid imagination that includes a school of his very own in Tennesse. His teacher used to be Miss G. (#1 Son's teacher), but she has recently been replaced by a new bad teacher that never gives him candy or toys. Miss Art goes to his school along with oddly named children he deems worthy. So when he mentioned Lola, I immediately knew it was Lola from the books & series Charlie & Lola. The Christian had me a little confused as we do know a few Christians. So I asked him who Christian was. "Him goes a my school & him lives in a tree. I'm gonna' send he a Valentime to him's tree house." And just how do you address that card?

BTW, what is this, week 2 of the Spell Checker Strike? Thanks Pilot/Ramblin'.

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