February 27, 2008


Bitsy finally gave up & dozed off. She's been lazing on my shoulder for the past 20 minutes, hovering somewhere between sweaty sleep & mild curiosity. She was napping in her play pen when I started reading an email to Husband. Apparently she was very interested in the "Rules for Rural Illinois" that her Uncle Little BIL sent me, because her too short nap was quickly over. Since then she's not been able to decide if a nap was worth the effort. I'm glad she finally gave up. I was tired of being sweated on...and my arms were falling asleep.

All my kids are sweaty sleepers, much like their father, but Bitsy is by far the worse. If I fall asleep nursing her in our bed, there will without fail, be a Bitsy shaped wet spot on the sheets when I finally get her back to bed. It's odd.

I have discovered that a best selling children's author has been stalking my son. There's really no other explanation for the book No, David! It was written about B.B. This I do not doubt. He and David are two peas in a very mischievous pod. B.B. brought it to me today to read. We were cuddled together in the recliner when the similarities hit me. He is insistent that his name is not David, but I wonder...

I need to get to work on a blanket for my friend's baby. I have the cutest fabric covered in puppy dogs. It's all washed & ready to go...but I cannot seem to get myself motivated. Time is running out. Her baby shower is Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it. It involves a trip north to the town where Grandma & Grandpa M&M and Aunt Silverbelle & Uncle Greenteeth live. I haven't seen the Grands since their cruise with QM & Daddy in September...and I haven't seen Aunt Silverbelle & Uncle Greenteeth since last June. I'm mildly worried that we'll get snow. Please, No Snow!!

I'm feeling disjointed & practically illiterate today. My apologies. Can too much sweet bread (that's actual bread that is sweet, not 'Sweetbreads' which is the thymus gland of veal) and Inkling's homemade apple butter make your brain rot? If so, I'm done for.

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Mrs Pop said...

Mmmm... Homemade apple butter... Insert picture of Homer Simpson drooling here.



Just wanted to let you know that while I may not comment very often, I love your writing. So much so, that I've tagged you. :-)