February 21, 2008

FarmWife's Third Annual Virtual Tea Party

It's that time of year again. Tea time. Yes, folks, it is indeed time for FarmWifes third annual virtual tea party. I cannot believe two full years have passed since I began hosting this event. I know you have looked forward to it all year with great anticipation. I hope you have washed & pressed your best frock & aired your favorite bonnet. I have the bone china set out & the kettle's on. Crumpets are warm and the jam is homemade.

As in years past, I will offer up a list of 6 questions to begin the conversation. Answer as you like, the more the merrier, and enjoy a cup of the hot beverage of your choice.

#1. Please, introduce yourself & tell us where you are from (blogwise) and how you came to our party. I am your hostess, FarmWife (formerly known as CityGal, but only briefly). I live here & welcome you all. "I shake you firmly by the hand." -Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

#2. Given your choice of dream vacation, where would you go? Right now I'd like to spend a week on a quiet beach somewhere warm. Sipping frosty drinks in a rainbow of pastel colors, wearing big sunglasses, sundresses, and large floppy hats, listening to the surf & my favorite music, and chatting the day away with a few rarely seen friends.

#3. Since I have spent my entire week cleaning the house in preparation of your visit, tell me, what is your least favorite chore? At this point I'd have to say dusting. I cannot seem to get anywere with it. As soon as a surface is clean, it begins gathering dust again. It's a vicious cycle.

#4. Seen any good movies lately? Why yes, as a matter of fact I have. Last night I watched Across the Universe & loved it. Its beautiful & moving & I can dance to it.

#5. You just won a gold fish at the fair. What will you name it? Because of my current obsession with the song, his name will be Jude.

#6. If you could write your own epitath for your grave marker, what would it say? Really, why did I ask this question? I can't answer it. Generically it would say, "Beloved wife & mother." But I'd like to be remembered for more than that....not that I'm belittling what I am. Those are the two things that most define me at the moment & the most important jobs I have, but I'd like to think my reach stretches farther than my children & my husband. Boy, now that's a can of worms...and a little deep for a tea party. Sorry.

I'm sorry folks, but I'd better wrap this tea party up quickly. There's an ice storm heading our way & my children are being sent home from school early. Really, what's the point in making them come to school if you're going to send them home 1 hour & 35 minutes later?


Kork said...

#1 - I am Kork, FarmWife's friend from college days, and also of "A Suburban Princess Speaks". I visit every day from Colorado

#2 - Today my dream vacation is a wonderful week spent on the sparkling shores of Hawai'i, listening to waves crash, birds cry, and the cabana boy bring me my fru-fru umbrella drink. No children today, just me and the sunshine and the heat.

#3 - I'm with you FarmWife. Dusting is the bane of my existence. I'm trying Kim's secret weapon next time of lemon oil and then buffing with a dry cloth...we'll see how good she really is!

#4 - I watched The Last Castle. It is, ultimately, a guy movie about a military prison, but it has Robert Redford and James Gandolfini in it, along with some other yummy no-shirt men that offset the explosions and noble sentiments.

#5 - Fido. I prefer to have names for my pets that are apropos. My desired name for our bullmastiff of Fifi was shot down by BB...silly man had to name him Rocco Sherman.

#6 - Yikes Farmie! That's not a good question to end on...Along with "beloved wife & mother" I would hope it would say something suitably sentimental such as "She inspired others to follow their hearts". How's that for "blah blah blah!"

Ragged Around the Edges said...

#1: I'm Ragged, Ragged Around The Edges to those that don't know me well, but we're all friends here, so let's dispense with formal pleasantries.

#2: My dream vacation right now is a tour of the eastern part of the US, visiting old towns, sitting on cool beaches wrapped in a cozy blanket. Oh, and I'd like to be eating chowder.

#3: I hate to mop. I hate it. I hate it with a passion and it's obvious the minute you walk through the door.

#4: I've seen several actually. On my list of recommendations: "Juno", "Snow Cake" and "No Country For Old Men."

#5: I will name her Fiona. Just because that's a lovely name.

#6: This is a difficult one, perhaps: She was a good person; I want to be remembered that way.

Thanks so much for inviting me, it was delightful and the desserts wonderful.

Mommy to 4 little people said...

1. I am Mommyto4littlepeople and I come nearly everyday via Delaware to visit the happy farm family.

2. Hmmm...my dream vacation today would be to Ireland. I want to see the emerald isle in all it's glory. I want to do a real pub crawl. I want to spend a romantic week or two there with my DH just soaking in the culture, people, and of course shopping.

3. My least favorite chore is putting away laundry. I don't mind sorting it, washing it and folding it. But it seems completely useless to put it all away since it is just going to get taken back out again. Besides the drawers never stay neat. So, I say leave it in the basket until DH freaks out.

4. Actually I seen a great movine the other night on IFC channel. It was called My Name Is David it was a great movie about a little boy who escaped a concentration camp and traveled home to his family. He has a lot of adventures and learns a lot about survival.

5. Goldie, cause it just fits her.

6. Am I supposed to decided what is on my tombstone? Geez I was hoping that was someone else's job. OK OK already, I guess it would say something about being a mom and wife but I would hope it says "She made me want to be a better person" or something cheesy like that.

Thanks for inviting me to your tea party. This was such a fun time. BTW the house looks great ;) Must be all the cleaning you did.

Inkling said...

Hi. My name is Inkling, and I am Farmwife's cousin on her father's side.

My dream vacation is to spend a few weeks first touring Europe (where it is highly unlikely I'll ever go in real life) and the UK so that I can walk the same paths my favorite authors got to walk. Then I'd like to wrap up my travels with a long week at a beach in Hawaii, preferrably on Kaui or Maui. After weeks of touring dusty used bookshops and seeing grand old sites, I'd enjoy the beach and sipping the same frosty drinks as my cousin. And if they are served by a cute young man who thinks I am young enough to flirt with, all the better. (Okay, just kidding on that last part. Henry David would have a problem with that. Still, it's nice to feel flattered.)

My least favorite chore is putting my laundry away. Well, really, I am very allergic to all cleaning. But for some reason, I go into anaphylactic shock at the site of a pile of freshly laundered clothing needing to be put away.

Recently, I've watched a few good movies of the male variety. I enjoyed Kingdom of Heaven again because it always makes me think. I haven't seen a new movie in a very long time.

May I name my goldfish Flush? I only ask that because that is probably its fate.

My epitaph...hmm....I'm so not in a serious mood today, so perhaps it would say, "I hope they have chocolate in Heaven." That is actually a very good question and it would behoove me to be serious. But I am stuck at home with an almost three year old and no car while my husband is trying to cobble two cars into one about an hour north of me after not working (for a paycheck that is) for ever so long, and I'm close to the brink of craziness. Thus the chocolate hopes.

zann said...

#1. I am Zannli, a friend of Farmwife's from high school and church back in the day. I'm joining the party (belatedly) from East TN near the NC border.

#2. At the moment I'd like to visit just about anywhere I've never been before. I'm itching for a bit of adventure and exploration but perhaps also somewhere with a spa with people who would pamper me... a lot.

#3. There aren't many chores that I do like. I believe that is why they are referred to as chores. But if I have to pick just one it would be cleaning bathroom. I hate, hate, hate, having to deal with all that hair that seems to be magnetically attracted to all porcelain surfaces

#4. Seen any good movies lately? I highly recommend "Stardust" and also "3:14 to Uma" one is fairy taleish and the other, though a tad gory in parts, is a very good story.

#5. You just won a gold fish at the fair. What will you name it? Ned. I don't know why.. it just seems like a good fish name. Or maybe Bait.

#6. Oh I already have this planned out. My epitaph would read:
"There is nothing beneath you but some bones, no need to tarry, Zann has gone Home."

Now... will someone please pass the sugar.