January 4, 2008

Sweet Relief...at least a little bit.

B.B., Bitsy, the stool sample, & I headed to town this morning. The NP found no traces of blood in the sample (thank you, Lord!!), and gave me a prescription for Nystatin & Triamcinolone for Bitsy's bottom. She has a wicked bad case of diaper rash/yeast infection from the antibiotics she's on (see last post).

Yesterday I changed her diaper as soon as she got up & smeared on some diaper rash ointment because she was still pink from the night before. 20 minutes later she was screaming. I was gobsmacked to find her absolutely raw...the nasty, bloody, oozing kind of raw (You're right, Sarah. We really should use that word more often). Now every diaper change involves wrestling (she's strong for as tiny as she is), screaming, and crying...and it's not only Bitsy who's crying. I hope this doesn't last through the course of her antibiotics. She has two days left!

The funeral yesterday was...well, it was a funeral. It was blessedly short & the kids were shockingly well behaved. We had many people comment on how well behaved they were. All I saw was fidgeting, squirming, and whispering. Could I be overly critical where my kids are concerned? Livy & Breezy held together very well. I'm not sure how they're doing at home, but in public they're almost stoic. Part of me wonders if they're still in shock.

I'm having issues today. Because we got up early yesterday, dressed in our best clothes & sat quietly I felt like it was Sunday. The feeling was compounded by Husband spending more time than normal outside & a visit to Uncle E's last night so the kids could play with J. Today I'm convinced that it's Monday. Maybe a nap will reboot my system.

I'm looking for a responsible party to come undecorate my house. I've had about all the Christmas I can take, but can't seem to get up the gumption to take anything down. I don't think we've ever had the tree up this long after Christmas. I can't believe Husband isn't hounding me about it. Wise man.

I nearly forgot the most important news of all! BabyGirl lost her first tooth! She's so very proud of it. If she doesn't loose the tooth somewhere in the house before bed time tonight it will be an act of God. She's brushed it, tried to put it back in, reenacted the initial loss, & showed it to everyone at least 15 times. She can suck a pretzel stick through the gap. How cool is that?


Mim said...

If nothing else works try cornstarch for bitsy's bottom.

Sarah said...

Gobsmacked - YAY! I'm totally starting the Gobsmacked Revolution.

Brando said...

Should I come take it down?

Glad that the kiddos are feeling better.