January 30, 2008

Kudos to me.

It's fixed!! It's fixed!! I now have working internet...and my IP tech people are stupid. When you are told "I cannot load any web pages" the advice you give should not include going to a web page to download updates. Duh. Big Red Truck! Still, I am doing the Dance of Joy! Now if only my children would all get well, and BabyGirl would get all the homework done that's piled up while she's been sick, and I could get this house under control, things would be good.

BabyGirl is on a new antibiotic. That child will be at school on Friday come hell or high water! I need her to go to school. She needs to go to school. And if she misses seeing the OT again, I'm going to snap. I'm really pushing for her to go back to school in the morning. If there's no fever between now & then, she's gone.

In other news, I have not sold my children. But the evening is still young.


Anonymous said...

oh happy joy joy..I'm so glad it's fixed..yahoooooooooooooooo

sending prayers up for kids.

Kork said...

Yeah for fixed internet, and boo on stupid people who tell you to go to a website to fix your non-existent internet!

I'm glad that you haven't sold the munchkins yet today!