January 25, 2008

Fall of the House of FarmHands.

Note to self: when your husband buys groceries because he had to take the sick child to town in your place, anger is not the appropriate response. Thankfully I had the sense to keep my mouth shut. He did good. I was ill and irritated and have issues. I still have to go to the store, but my trip will be blessedly shorter thanks to my dear husband. Lets rack it up to temporary insanity.
BabyGirl was running a fever this morning. The NP said her throat was borderline, so she put her on antibiotics to be safe. 4 hours later & B.B. is running a fever.
When I tried to take BabyGirl to the doctor this morning, there was no heat in my van. I was a tad panicked as I really don't want to try to haul 4 kids around in the cold. Husband moved it out into the sun & topped off the antifreeze. It's working now...he thinks the fan froze up. I hope that was all.
Bitsy is catching the cold BabyGirl gave me. At the moment, Husband & #1 Son are the only ones who aren't sick.
I hope BabyGirl is feeling better soon. She has a birthday party to go to Sunday. So far, we've not made it to a single party for her classmates. They've all been scheduled during family things or we've been sick. She was excited about this one (even if it is a boy's party). I really want her to be able to go.
I think I'll curl up in my blanket Art made me & read all day while BabyGirl enjoys her Hannah Montanathon.
Oh, and congrats to Art on her new digs!! Can we have a virtual house warming party?

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Anonymous said...

here's a water bottle raised to feeling better. I still have no voice and feel like crud