December 16, 2007

Strep, Snow, and Delusions of Poppins

It's official. B.B. has strep. But three doses of antibiotic, a good night sleep, a half an hour romp in the snow & he's feeling pretty chipper. I talked to Busha this morning & so far, Bucka is still feeling pretty good.

Apparently Davy Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Will Turner are hanging out in my kitchen. They're playing with play-doh & I keep hearing, "I stabbed your heart!" "But I already stabbed your heart!" "No, I stabbed yours first!" It's a tad violent in there. Thank goodness it's all play-doh & plastic knives.

As much as I dislike snow in general, it's really very beautiful right now. There was no wind to speak of, so the snow piled gently on the wires of the fence & the tiny branches of the underbrush. It's enchanting. I only wish I could really bring myself to enjoy snow for more than a few minutes at time.

I'm in the midst of a crazed sewing binge. Last night I cut out 5 projects to sew before Christmas & I'm still working on a top-secret project...with one more to follow. I think I need to hire a house keeper and a nanny so I can devote all my time to crafting. I'm sure my Husband would love the idea...while I'm at it I should hire a cook as well.

We can be like the Banks family with Ellen, Cook, & Mary Poppins. I can see it now. It will be lovely. I can get deeply involved in the Suffragette movement in between my crafting bouts. My children will save their pennies to buy feed for the birds. Husband will make paper kites with them on Saturdays. They'll go on Holiday with Mary Poppins in chalk pictures & clean their rooms with the snap of a finger followed by a quick jaunt up the chimney with Burt. Yes, this is how we shall now live (Sorry, Mr. Schaffer).


Nan said...

The snow is gorgeous. We got a dusting on rooftops and grassy areas. Not much to speak of...but the wind. It's cold and sharp and makes us not want to go outside for any reason!

conleyclan said...

i love snow, but only from inside while the kids play outside and completely dry off before they come in then directly put all of their stuff away immediately. and that happens everytime!