December 3, 2007

FarmWife, made for TV movie critic

OK, my thoughts on Tin Man thus far.....I'm not exactly sure. It's interesting. The visuals are pretty cool. The idea is fascinating. The story is a bit choppy. The dialogue not exactly riveting. It feels like something is missing. Maybe the next two nights will redeem it. It's not all bad, but I had high hopes. My biggest problem right now is Zooey Deschanel (DG). I LOVE her in Elf, Failure to Launch, and Bridge to Terebithia...but in this she seems to be lacking. Maybe she'll sing & save it all.

The Cold-Eeze seems to be helping. I'm not nearly as ill as I was Saturday & Sunday. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm on the down swing of this cold. Yahoo!! I do have to say, to get Airborn to work, you have to be able to swallow it. Ugh.

I talked to Bucka this morning. He's hanging in there. He's bored & not enjoying his seclusion, but he's following doctor's orders. He did try to convince me to bring my brood over to play Thursday night. He said he'd wear a mask, but I told him we'd probably come visit with him through the window. I don't want to risk my little germ sponges sharing anything with him, night before.

Eventually I need to dig myself out of this funk & decorate the pretty tree in my living room. But it looks so nice with just the angel on top, I'm tempted to leave it as is.

Oh dear.


Brando said...

I thought about leaving my tree naked too. I have no idea. I just really liked it that way. So I went very minimal. Just some balls and one strand of beads.

Inkling said...

It was good talking to you today. If I were a guy, not your cousin, and was married to you, I'd send you flowers. =)

As for the airborne stuff.....guess what I discovered works for me? There was no way on God's green earth that I was going to swallow that nasty drink, especially the orange flavored one. (My doctor will just love me when I flat out refuse to take that test they make you take when you're pregnant and have to drink until you nearly vomit. But I digress.) I bought the children's pixie stick-style airborne. It is not nearly as vile, though it's not great. But it's better than drinking the stuff or taking pills. The only advice I have if you take the kid's version is to take it in small bits. If you pour the whole thing onto your tongue at once, I pretty much guarantee you'll gag.

Nan said...

My cold has broken today...I'm actually going to try to go to a hair appointment...with a mask so my poor hairdresser won't catch it!

It's easy to get down when you're not feeling your best. I hope you get better fast.

P.S. I thought last night's Tin Man was a big improvement over the first night. The first night seemed to lack humor, but there was a little in the second. A little humor goes a long way for me.