February 6, 2016

Oh Pantry, My Pantry

 I haven't posted in more than 5 months. I know this means if anyone stops by here it's an absolute fluke. That said I need to discuss something of great importance...my pantry. 

You see, I love my pantry. 

My pantry is one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with our house the moment I stepped inside the model home. 

In our first house, there was a major lack of kitchen cabinets. It was tough finding somewhere to stash all my kitchen gadgets. We had to buy a separate hutch to put our microwave on and my Corelle Wear in. The little bit of food it took to feed both Husband and I was crammed into a single cabinet next to the garage door. There was no storage but only 2 mouths to feed. We made due. When BabyGirl came along, we only had to add a few cans of baby food to the mix. 

During the tour of the model home, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of the door above. It actually said "PANTRY" on the glass. It was a dedicated place for food. More than 2 boxes of cereal would fit in it. I could actually keep canned goods. And, quite possibly store odds and ends that never fit properly in a kitchen cabinet.

 Now, 13 years and 3 children later, this pantry is a serious necessity. Being 20 miles from the nearest town means we don't make multiple trips to the grocery each week. The pantry insures we don't run out of the necessary cereal, shells and cheese, peanut butter, or canned green beans throughout the week.
Our coolers all tuck neatly away- chest, soft sided, and Gott- along with the Rubbermaid step stool I cannot live without. The shelves in the corner were made by Husband before we had kids. The wooden steps in the opposite corner were the last thing my Grandpa M&M ever built for me. It helped the FarmHands reach their granola bars back when they were too short to reach the third shelf.

At one point the FarmHand's high chair slid into the pantry when not in use. Now it holds all their empty easter eggs in a trash bag under the steps.
In short, I love my pantry.


Average gay dude said...

You live 20 miles from the nearest grocery store??! Damn now I know WHY that pantry is so essential haha

Totoal fluke, but I'm happy I stumbled onto your blog :)

Kork said...

I'd be hosed in your situation Farmie...we're 2 miles from the nearest store, with one less mouth, and ummmmmmmmmm....I technically have 2 giant pantry cabinets in my kitchen, and 6-ft coat closet we converted to pantry space....and then there's the 12-ft width of 6-ft tall shelving in the basement.....

I may have an addiction to both gadgets and storing food...