March 18, 2013

I'm a bad blogger

I'll admit to being a horrible blogger. I have been negligent these past few months. Once upon a time I posted many times a week day. Now you're lucky to hear from me once a month.

I suck.


Maybe if I didn't spend 8 hours a day in a kitchen or maybe if I didn't have 4 kids to chase or maybe if my husband was gone all the time again.  Then again, what would I have that's worth blogging about?  I used to fill you in on the funny things the FarmHands did but as they age they've become more aggravating and less entertaining. Or maybe I'm just a grump. Personally I'd vote for the latter.

Now if the FarmHands do something that tickles me, I jump on Facebook and post in instantly. Perhaps Facebook has taken the place of Blogger for my ADD self. That's sad.

I'd like to promise that I will immediately take steps to fix this, but that would be a lie.

Instead I'll tell you about the awesome weekend I'm going to have.

A college friend (whom I haven't laid eyes on since February of 1996, I think) is getting married on Saturday. Art and I are going to his wedding. QM and Daddy are coming up to keep an eye on the FarmHands and Art's boys while Husband is at work. This will be the first "grown up" trip Art and I have ever been on. I have butterflies just thinking about it.

We are grown up.

We go to weddings.

We purchase super awesome gifts for the couple.

We stay in fancy hotels where no old Chinese men ask us repeatedly if we're there to have a party.

We wear nice clothes and sophisticated make up.

We do not need a chaperon.

Well, maybe we do need a chaperon, but we're not going to have one!

I'm so excited that I may not be able to eat for the rest of the week.  That's not good since I'll need to keep up my strength if I'm going to make this post-winter-forever-flu-wreck-of-a-house fit for company by Friday.

Anyone want to hire me a maid?

P.S. I still hate Saxon Math (#1 Son is sitting next to me working on his 85,000 problem a night sheet of problems.....again.)


Kork said...

I love you even if you don't post throughout the day...and maybe you're a grump because you DO have 4 kids to chase and spend 8 hours in a kitchen that isn't at your own what?!? You're still my favorite Farmie.

I'm so jealous and yet thrilled that you get to go the wedding this weekend...Give a special hug and my love to the happy couple will you!??!

PS - I'm also jealous of a grown up trip...I understand they're very refreshing for grumps with children. :D

Inkling said...

Have so much fun. Even if you are going to the wedding of someone who called me the "worst date ever".

And tell Art that her pictures make me smile all the time, and I totally think they should go viral. I also think that the actor dude - whose name totally escapes me now - but the one who held the boom box in the one picture who was also in Serendipity.......I think he should get to know Art. And they could live happily ever after. Only he's probably been married six times already, and marrying a Hollywood dude is rather problematic. At least, according to all those stories on Yahoo. Still, that would be a fun wedding to attend. I'm probably grounded for this idea, aren't I?

Art the Omnipotent said...

Um, no Inkling, you are not grounded that idea is well, FABULOUS. John Cusack and I would be really fun!