February 23, 2013

One more time, with puking!

I'm beginning to wonder if dunking all the FarmHands in bleach is a feasible alternative to the massive amount of sick we've got running through this house.

Last night Bitsy came home from kindergarten with a stomach ache and I had a raging head ache. She spent all night on the toilet or puking in an ice cream bucket. I spent all night sitting on the little step stool in the bathroom waiting for her to get done so I could clean us both up, sanitize, and lotion my hands. She alternated between passing out and crying in pain all night. I alternated between being sleepless and reading The Hobbit and snoozing in between trips to the bathroom. I moved Bitsy's mattress into my room and put her next to the bed so I could get to her quickly and she wouldn't wake the rest of the FarmHands during the night.

That forced Husband to the couch in a sleeping bag for the night.  I think he may have slept 3 hours before the older 'Hands started arguing and banging around in the kitchen.

When Bitsy and I finally crawled out of bed at 10:30 this morning my head felt like it was being used as a bongo by a rather enthusiastic hippy in a drum circle. Every movement made my head pound. Every sound made me cringe. The light was too bright. Talking hurt like Hades.

Busha was sure it was a sinus head ache because of the massive amount of pressure in my head when I bent over but I hadn't had any other sinus symptoms. Web MD tells me I could have been experiencing a migraine. Since they run in my family, I wouldn't be terribly surprised. I didn't have any nausea but the other symptoms lined up nicely.

Daddy called and I told him what was going on. He suggested caffeine and I managed to get half a cup of instant coffee down before I crashed again. It helped more than the 2 extra strength ibuprofen I'd already taken.

Bitsy seems better.  She hasn't puked in 14 hours and has been off the toilet for most of the day.

 My head doesn't hurt at the moment (but I'm also not really moving and it's pretty dark in here except for the television and computer screen glows....oh, and I'm wearing noise canceling ear buds but not actually listening to anything).

I am so very over this winter.

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Kork said...

If you do decide to bleach the children, use Lemon Scented...that way it's not such an overwhelming odor. :D

Hang in there - prayers for you and yours, and do your best to rest and ASK FOR HELP from your fabulous husband...