December 7, 2012

A brief check-in

I have to leave for work in 13 minutes.

I haven't posted in quite a while.

Thought I'd briefly grace you with my presence.

The past week has been a rough one.  A really rough one.  I can't go into details, but if I never have to relive the past 7 days I'll be happy as a clam.

That said, things are looking better.  There are Christmas lights in my living room.  Presents are in random states of wrapped-ness tucked away safely from the prying eyes of FarmHands.  Cheer Camp has kept my girls busy all week and tonight is The Big Game in which not only BabyGirl but also Bitsy will be cheering.  Husband is settling into his new job (he could use a prayer or two as he may have pulled a muscle in his back and the new job is rather physical).  The Cough That Will Never Die is beginning to weaken so I'm sleeping better...well, except for last night.  And Art's semester is winding down so I may actually get to speak to my best friend on the phone at some point this month.

Ups and Downs are still here, but I'm learning to hang on for the ride.

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Anonymous said...

Hi my dear I've thought about you a hundred times...hope you are well- farm fairy( Temera )