September 26, 2012

Deep, cleansing breaths

Today can end at any moment.  I'm done with it.  In fact, if this week would like to be over, it has my full blessing.

Work has been less than pleasant this week.  We've had real, life changing tragedies, mini-meltdowns, equipment failure on a massive level, and more than our fair share of mishaps in the past 3 days.

 Without going into details, there is a family in our area dealing with the sudden and unexpected death of their 6 month old son.  They truly need your prayers.  That is how our Monday started.

Yesterday involved a rather lengthy power outage, an overly hectic lunch prep, and a freezer malfunction.

Today we faced an early morning fire alarm on the fritz, an extra messy lunch prep, a rather unpleasant game of "find the hidden roast in the extraordinarily over stuffed second freezer," and a last minute realization that roll dough had to be made before we could leave.  In fact, we left 20 minutes later than usual because of the mess.

In fact, if it wasn't for the sincere affection I have for the people I work with (Miss T, in particular), and the honest joy I find in seeing a school full of children every day, I might be ready to toss in the towel.

I do love my job.  I do enjoy being there.  I do hope tomorrow goes more smoothly.

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