August 6, 2012

Not exactly a cheerful heart here, folks.

I'm having a tough time tonight.  I'm tired.  I'm worn down.  I've had enough of this lousy, broken world.  For the first time in a long time I feel ready for this world to end and the next to begin.

For anyone who doesn't know me, please, please do not think I'm referring to death in any way.  I'm talking about the coming of my Christ and King.  I am so tired of the pain and suffering and anger and hurt of this world.  I long for the perfection He's promised in the next.

When my Jesus comes again there will be no summers spent in and out of the hospital.  There will be no children taking 70 weeks of chemo or having heart valves replaced or rods put in their backs to straighten bent spines or being tested for diabetes.  The nursing homes will be empty and those vacant stares will be full of life once more.  There will be no anger and broken families.  There will be peace.  There will be love.  There will be kindness.

No one will argue about fast food chicken and presidential candidates.  Athletes will be held to the same standards as the rest of us.  There will be no worry of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.  Insurance will be a fleeting memory instead of a battle to be waged.  The things we think so important now will be washed away like sandcastles at high tide.

Jesus calmed the wind and waves with a simple, "Peace! Be still."  Tonight I need Him to say those words to my heart.


Layla said...

I often think about this too, friend. The world makes me so, so sad. Thinking of you.

Kork said...


Prayers for you that you'll find some comfort in Him and that He'll renew your spirit and you'll find the joy in life again!

Lots of hugs my dear friend!