July 23, 2012

The weekend of Art (and TMI)

Art came to see me this weekend.  At first the trip was to be a surprise, but she gave up on that idea very early on in the game.

I was so excited to have her coming...and then Thursday hit.  I ended up sick.  Without going into gory details, I was having stomach issues.  I figured it was no big deal.  She wouldn't be here until Friday night & I'd be all better by then.

Well, I wasn't.  Friday afternoon rolled around & I opted to take an Imodium AD thinking it would take care of the problem & I'd be good to go for the weekend.  It took care of one problem, but seemed to lead to a whole mess of other issues.

I was in pain.  A lot of pain.  Like pre-appendectomy pain.  Saturday, Art convinced me that I needed to go to the doctor.  Unfortunately we made it to town a little late & ended up in the ER instead of the walk-in clinic.

3 hours later they sent me home saying there was no infection so my pain was probably related to my surgery (that happened a  month and a half ago....that hasn't caused me pain of any kind in weeks).  They gave me a shot of Torodol that wore off before we ever left the hospital.

Saturday was spent laying on the couch- hurting.

Sunday was spent laying on the couch - hurting.  Sunday morning, when I found myself unable to pee, I called the hospital and made them page my surgeon.  He was off on vacation and had a house full of people. But he told me he wanted me on clear liquids for the rest of the day (by this time the only thing I'd eaten in nearly 24 hours was 1/2 an order of McDonalds fries on Saturday afternoon- yes, the pinnacle of heath, but it was the only thing that sounded remotely appetizing and I was starved).  He said it sounded like I either had a stomach bug and had blocked everything off taking the Imodium or I have scar tissue adhesion from my surgery that has caused a bowl blockage.  Either way, he said the best way to go was clear liquids and wait to see if things being working on their own.  If I was still in pain, he wanted to see me in his office this afternoon.

They're going to work me in at 3.

The QM says that when I get better I owe Art a visit in Tennessee to make up for the failed visit here.  I think that's a splendid idea....or I would if I thought anything was splendid right now.  It's hard to see the bright side when your stomach hurts like that chick who had an alien pop out of hers.  I'm so glad Art was here.  I only wish things could have been, "Way funner," to quote Elle Woods.

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Layla said...

I was admitted to the hospital again, after my appendectomy, SAME. THING. They ran the largest battery of tests I think I've ever had: CT's with barium contrast, with dye contrast, scope down my stomach, starvation for 48 hours, etc. They never found out what was wrong, but it lasted for about two weeks straight. I know none of that is helpful, I just wanted to say that if they can't ever figure it out, you're not crazy. And I'm thinking of you and hoping it goes away SOON!