July 11, 2012

My 4-H Mom can kick your Soccer Mom's butt!

It's official.  I'm freaking out.

The 2 oldest FarmHands are supposed to show rabbits at the 4-H fair a week from Sunday.....and I fear they are totally unprepared.  They've fed & watered them.  They've petted them.  They've talked to them and taken care of them, but they haven't really handled the rabbits a lot.

My concern is that #1 Son is going to pick his rabbit up and take it to the judges only to have it buck or kick a bit and he'll drop it in the dirt & run screaming.  He's a bit panicky.  He would never hurt them on purpose, but if one hurt him he might just freak out.

In reality I doubt they'll have to handle them much.  Most of the time they're judged in their cages.  That we can totally handle.

In related & non-freak-out news- BabyGirl won a red ribbon for her rice krispy treats in the 4-H Cooking 101 category.  She was happy with her B & I was very proud of her.

Last night was the general show & #1 Son won a blue ribbon a and took Best in Show for his Forests of Fun poster.  He was over the moon and so was I.  He decided to enter his project in the county fair after he did so well in 4-H.

So far, I'd say our 4-H experience has been a good one.  Now if only I could convince BabyGirl to stick with it.  She's decided to quit after fair.  She's not big on leaving the house especially when it's hot...and let's be honest- most of 4-H takes place in the heat of summer.  Her leader told her she might as well participate since she'll have to come to all of the meetings anyway.  They boys & Bitsy have no intention of quitting and Husband is at work during meetings.  She has at least 2 more years of having to go with us before she's old enough to stay home alone while we go.

I'm counting this as the next step in total FarmWifery....I'm not a soccer mom.  I'm a 4-H Mom!

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Layla said...

Rock!! That's awesome.