April 11, 2012

Why Mary Kay Letourneau really was crazy.

Let's get past the whole "she was his teacher, he was a minor, she was married" stuff and get right to the heart of the matter.

13 year old boys are gross.

They're gangly.

They're loud.

They're overly self-centered.

They're obnoxious.

And they smell.....really bad.

Now I realize that not all 13 year old boys are like this, but in all the odds are greater that they fit this bill than the idea of a "datable" man to any grown woman.  I don't see how 13 year old girls can abide them.

Why am I on this strange train of thought?

I had to work today & was watching the Junior High boys file through the lunch line.  A few weeks ago I watched an episode of Criminal Minds about a "Letourneau" situation and it popped into my sleep deprived brain after scooping my 275th helping of peaches and handing it to the 14th 8th grade boy in a row who looked like he hadn't bathed in 2 days.

The strangeness that is me thought, "What about these overgrown, stinky things says, 'I'll leave my husband and four children and give up my career and eventually go to jail for one of them'?"

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's brain goes off on random tangents like this.


1 comment:

Kork said...

OK - my brain goes randomly AWOL on things like this too...

And I am right there with you on this topic...early teenaged boys are GROSS!!!!!

I totally get why 13 year old girls fall in love with 16 year old boys...they, at least, have realized that in order to be socially accepted they must bathe, and put on deodorant, comb their hair, and make an attempt of some sort to pull themselves into looking less like they rolled out of a garbage bag, and more like they actually launder their clothing...

but that's coming from a girl who has 3 older brothers...