March 1, 2012

And Now We Wait

I took my State of Illinois Food Safety and Sanitation Manager exam last night.  Today my instructor had to be sure to mail our test sheets so the State would have them by Friday.  Now it seems, the State gets to take it's own sweet time.  I have to wait four to six weeks for the results to come in the mail.  Can't check on line to find out if I passed.  Don't have a phone number to call.  Just have to sit & wait.  I didn't realize it was that taxing to feed a Scantron sheet into a computer and read the results.  That's ridiculous.

If the state wants you to do something you'd better get it done by their deadline.  But apparently, they can dawdle about for months at a time before dealing with you.  Ugh.

But I'm certain I passed.  The exam was 75 multiple choice questions (filling out all those little bubbles with my #2 pencil made me feel 15 again trying to stay awake during achievement testing) and we only have to get a 75% to pass.  That means we can miss 18 and still pass.  There were only 4 or 5 questions I wasn't totally comfortable with.

I can say, I'm glad my class is over.  It was interesting, but I'm tired of having things like Listeriosis and Bacillus Cereus rolling through my head all night while I'm trying to sleep.  I would like a day or two where I'm not worried about the proper temperature for cooking eggs for hot holding as opposed to the temperature for cooking eggs for immediate service.

Instead I want to think about pretty shoes and finding a new hairdresser and I want to watch a chick flick without feeling guilty because I should be studying.  I think tonight calls for Breakfast at Tiffany's and the remainder of the Ben & Jerry's I've been hiding in the freezer.

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