December 11, 2011

Never fear, HT is here!

HT & Princess are here visiting. Well, technically they're at Busha & Bucka's right now, but that's close enough. HT hit the door yesterday & blew through the house like a gale force wind. In 30 seconds he'd claimed a toy from the boys' room, gathered his minions (as the FarmHands become as soon as he sets foot in the state of Illinois), and had attacked the musical ornaments on my Christmas tree.

He & Princess spent the day with us yesterday while QM ran to town & helped Busha dig out Christmas decorations. We took them to Rural King & Wal-Mart just before dark then drove through the park to see the local Christmas light display. The entire time we were gone, HT kept saying, "Aunt FarmWife, your kid is touching me," or, "Aunt FarmWife, your kid is bothering me," or, "Aunt FarmWife, why is your kid doing that?" When I'd ask him which kid, he'd point at #1 Son & say, "That one." His mom asked him what #1 Son's name is & each & every time he'd tell her, "It's B.B."

When he was here this summer we only had BabyGirl & #1 Son according to him. He'd call both girls BabyGirl & both boys #1 Son. If you'd ask him which #1 Son he was talking about he'd refer to them as "the one with the glasses" or "the one without the glasses." This time he switched kids & everyone was B.B. and Bitsy.

Today they came to church with us. During our worship service the song leader always asks if anyone has a special to share. This morning Grandpa B shared 2 poems Grandma B had tucked away last Christmas. The second poem really got to me & I was tearing up pretty badly. As I tried to put myself back together, Mark, our song leader this month, asked if anyone else had a special. HT's hand shot up in the air before his mom could get a hold of him. Mark asked, "Do you have a special, bud?" HT announced, "I'm gonna' ride in a big monster truck!"

Suddenly my near tears turned into stifled laughter.

Just one more reason I love my nephew.

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