June 23, 2011

Asking for prayers

Last night, Grandma M&M's sister, my Great-aunt Louise passed away. She had Alzheimer's & hasn't been lucid in a very long time, but I know Grandma is still going to miss her. She was in the same retirement community as Grandma & Grandpa so Grandma got to see her fairly often. It's going to be hard on her.

Two days ago Husband's Great-uncle B died. He is who FIL (and because of FIL, Husband) was named after. He was Grandma-in-Country's (Husband's grandmother) last living sibling. I met him just weeks before our wedding & loved him. He was so funny & kind. He lived in Texas so I only saw him once or twice after that.

Today Grandma-in-Country is dying. She has been in very bad health for quite a while & yesterday she took a turn for the worst. I stopped by to see her this morning & I can honestly say I pray she doesn't linger.

Could you please pray for us all?


Kork said...

so on it my dear. It's always harder on those of us left to carry on isn't it?

Sending hugs and love to you all...

Layla said...

Goodness. :( I'm so sorry for all of the loss in your family right now. Prayers headed your way.

Penny said...

will lift you all up in prayer..