March 31, 2011

She's got Bette Davis 'tude.

I fear Bitsy's weekend stint as an only child has scarred her for life. It wasn't the first time she was the only FarmHand with numerous adults, but it was the first time she was truly conscious of the total lack of siblings. In fact, not only did she have my undivided attention for an entire weekend, but she had Grammy, Pa, Uncle Greenteeth, Aunt Anita, Uncle M, Aunt D, and Grandma & Grandpa M&M all vying for her attention. The grown-up to Bitsy ratio was way out of whack....and I think she liked it. Since we got home she has barely tolerated the presence of her older siblings. She's been exceptionally bossy. She's not dealt well with their interference in her life. She's been rather out of sorts with her brothers and sister. And that's just the beginning. She's copped some major attitude towards me in the past few days. Yesterday I told her to pick up her babies and put them back in the shopping cart they live in. She yelled at me and stomped her foot before finally condescending to do what she was told. Once done, her little head snapped around & she said, "There. Are you happy now?" As you can imagine, that went over well....once I quit choking on a giggle. She's informed me many times that I've ruined her game or picture she's coloring. She's taunted her siblings with, "Ha, ha. Me told you!" even when she's done nothing of the kind. She's deluded herself into believing she's the boss of all of us. I blame her Pa. After a full weekend of being harassed by her grandfather, the poor thing has lost her grip on reality. Now I must strive to get her sassy little pants back on track. I'm getting a bit tired of living with a mini-Bette Davis.

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