February 5, 2011

This is my island in the sun

I wonder if I could convince my doctor to put me (or the FarmHands) into a chemically induced coma until spring? Either that or I'm going to implement my plans to become a super villain, design and build my own weather control device, and banish snow, ice, and arctic winds from Southern Illinois.

*Deep Breath In*

*Deep Breath Out*

*Deep Breath In*

*Deep Breath Out*

I'm OK now. For the moment.

Someone remind me of this in late July when I'm sweating out half my body weight every 30 minutes or so.

Earlier this week we were braced for an inch of ice and 3 inches of snow. We got a brief glaze and a few flurries. This time we anticipated a dusting of snow and we got 3 inches.

I fully agree with my Aunt Anita (Silverbelle) when she said, "I think I will change professions and become a meteorologist. That's the only job I know where it doesn't really matter what you say, you won't get fired."

1 comment:

Penny said...

I'm with ya...we were to get 2-4 of snow..we get 6-8...just totally stinks!! hubby worked all morning at church to get sidewalks and all cleaned from the ice storm and then it snows! Oh Spring! where are you???