December 20, 2010

The sweet taste of freedom.

Ahhhhh, I escaped. This morning Husband drove the kids to school & Bitsy and I hitched along. I needed to drop off the teacher presents and didn't want the kids to have to tote all that in. On the way home I noticed Beffie & Ray-Ray's cars at their house. Bitsy wanted to go right then. I figured the girls were probably sleeping & told her we had to wait.

She made it until 9 am when we finally had to text Beffie to find out if she was awake. Bitsy and I went over around 9:30 and hung out most of the morning. The girls were getting ready to go out to lunch & invited us to tag along. A Starry Night, Miss K (a cousin) and her little boy were going too. We all headed to a Mexican restaurant in a near by town for Chicken on the Beach. All I can say is YUMMY!

After lunch, A Starry Night brought Bitsy & me home and hung out with us until the FarmHands got home from school. Then we all headed back to Uncle E's to visit with Ray-Ray, J, and Aunt C for a while.

We are now home and Mama is much happier. The FarmHands are wild. BabyGirl is bossy. #1 Son is whiny. B.B. is ready to fight everyone...and I'm still happy. Lunch with grown up girls after 7 full days stuck in the house with the FarmHands was a life saver.

Oh, and BabyGirl has discovered Doctor Who. My daughter & the BBC. What's next?


Inkling said...

Well, I'm excited for you....even if you didn't drink a margarita and the restaurant didn't make you take your clothes off. ;) (Uncle Greenteeth just loves that song.)

zann said...

we so need to get Babygirl and my niece set up as penpals. They have so much in common.
Glad you got out, I live for McDonalds Fridays some weeks with the mom's group I'm part of for the very same reason. A lot can be said for hanging out with some grown ups occasionally.