November 22, 2010

It's as if they were thinking of me.

The universe is conspiring to feed my love of all things Zombie.

First of all, A&E has a new show called The Walking Dead that is entirely about the Zombie Apocalypse. It's about a Georgian police officer who wakes up from a coma to find that while he was sleeping, the plague of the undead has been unleashed on Earth. His wife and son are gone along with 90% of the population of the small town he's living in. The rest of the population has turned into Walkers or Geeks depending on who you ask. I'm loving it. I think I need to find the past issues of the graphic novel it's based on.

Last weekend, when my family came to visit, Princess brought me a magnetic ribbon for my van. It's black with red trim & reminds everyone to Support Zombies. I tried to shrink the picture, but it didn't want to be minimized. Apparently the lack of Zombie support is a big problem.

Today, when Husband brought in the mail there was a cream colored envelope with my name printed on the front. The return address was in Philadelphia. I was puzzled. I cannot think of anyone I know living in Philadelphia who would be sending me a letter.

Much to my surprise, it was a lovely note from one Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the heroin of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (yes, I know she was in a book prior to P&P&Z, but if I can get the note to load you'll see why I make this distinction.

In the note, Miss Bennet was kind enough to warn me of the horde of reanimated corpses overrunning her beloved England. She also informed me of her latest purchase- a Macintosh computer with which she is now keeping up a digital correspondence.

This evening I've learned that not only do Elizabeth, Jane, and Lydia Bennet have their own Facebook pages, but so do their parents and love interests...including the insipid Mr.Wickham. Mrs. Bennet has started her own blog in order to share her tips on raising marriageable daughters in such a time as this. Lizzy has an Etsy shop and Lydia has joined a dating web site. If you're interested in finding their links, you can find them all collected at .

For now, I will leave you all to ponder your survival tactics for the coming Zombie apocalypse while I read up on the lives of the Bennets and other families living in Hertfordshire amongst the Unmentionable Hoard.

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