October 16, 2010

This was not a part of the plan.

Husband has to work today. The FarmHands have all their homework done. I planned to clean house....the big stuff like scrubbing the kitchen floor, reorganizing my closet, baking cookies (OK, so that's not actually cleaning). Instead I get to take #1 Son to the clinic at the hospital to have his ear checked out.

He & BabyGirl had tubes put in 3 1/2 years ago. BabyGirl's have fallen out. One of #1 Son's is out. Now he's bleeding from the remaining tube. This is not good.

Would you care to pray for him and his mama today? Thanks so much.


Penny said...

Hope all is good with your son..those things can be scary sometimes...

FarmWife said...

Thanks, Penny. He's got an ear infection & the tube is working it's way out of his ear. He's on antibiotic ear drops & an oral antibiotic. Hopefully That will take care of it. So far he's skipped the fever.