September 27, 2010

Food, Fun, and Fall

First of all, what is it about David Hasslehoff that makes people want to watch anything with him on it? That man has been creepy since 15 minutes after Kitt kicked him to the curb. Ugh.

Now, on to other, more interesting things. It's Fall Y'all! Finally. Now if only the rain would visit for a day or two. The summer heat hung on a bit too long for my taste, but at the moment I fear a good solid spark could permanently mow my lawn...and our shed....and possibly the woods by the house. I know the farmers are flying through the fields in a marathon harvest before rain hits, but I think they could use a few days off while my lawn gets a much needed drink.

Yesterday we had one of the missionary couples our church supports come visit. They talked about the work their doing in Mexico and we finished up with a fellowship dinner. Lots of time to visit, laugh, chat, eat GOOD food, and spend time with grown-ups. It was wonderful!

After church, Bitsy, B.B. & I headed to Uncle E's to see NM & A Starry Night's wedding pics. 800 wedding pictures! They were beautiful. Some were positively breath taking. If you're in our area & need some good pictures, drop me a line & I'll send you the name of their photographer. She was wonderful!

And now on to more important matters: One more shot at Ask FarmWife! My friend Vic asked me yesterday when I was going to have another round because she promises a great question. Anyone else want to play? What do you want do know?

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Penny said...

You sound like you are doing better and that is great :-)
so, do you plan menus for your week? Since you have 4 kids and a hubby who works a not normal daily do you plan meals? I know Kork does lots of canning and preserving, do you? since I live in the "burbs", we dont have room for more than a couple tomatoe plants on the deck..I'm jealous of you gals who get to live in the country, grow veggies and dont have your neighbors living close enough to hear your phone ring!!