August 9, 2010

So, FarmWife, what did you do today?

  • woke up far too early and wrote a post that helped me calm my emotions, but may have stirred up some in others (sorry, Daddy. I'll try to remember to warn you next time)
  • drove to the dealership to pick up Babe's head seats and remote control much to Bitsy's delights
  • came home in the heat only to be irritated and tired for the next few hours
  • took a nap
  • woke up from nap when the mom of a friend of #1 Son's called about a play date we've been trying to arrange all summer (only to not recognize her voice or realize just who she was or what she was talking about for the first minute or so....not my brightest moment)
  • took the boys & Bitsy out to swim
  • came back in with plans to clean my dining chairs only to realize it's going to take a serious block of time to finish all six plus the table
  • cleaned one chair while chatting on the phone with a good friend from high school whom I haven't talked to in months (SO glad she left me a message!!)
  • attempted to break up a fight between #1 Son and his older sister over a litter of 2 week old kittens they found in the flowers today
  • pulled & dug portions of an ancient mattress out of the yard by the kids' swing set
  • went swimming again
  • picked ticks off Bitsy
  • came back in entirely too tired to cook
  • fed the FarmHands pop corn and fruit and milk for dinner (they so love me right now) while we watched Igor (love that movie)

Next on my agenda? Bed.

Yes, things are never truly boring on the Funny Farm. When was the last time you dug a rusty mattress frame out of your side yard?


Ang said...

I'm stuck on the line "Picked ticks off of Bitsy" Really?

I'm sheltered. I live in an area there is no ticks.

Baby kittens..Pictures....

FarmWife said...

Ang, you are so fortunate. At this point I'd trade the constant cloud cover of the PNW for a total lack of ticks. They are worse this year than I have ever seen them. It's really gross!

And I would love to post baby kitten pictures, but my camera in kaput, not needs a charge.