August 6, 2010

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

Bitsy is engaged. A wedding date has not been set, but I'm hoping she'll wait at least until she turns 14 to tie the knot. She's marrying her cousin, J. He's 15 and the love of her young life. She no longer calls him J. He is now always referred to as "Jmyboyfriend." She has planned out their entire future together.

When they "grow up" they will get married and have eight babies. Two of the babies will sleep in her bed. The other six have been relegated to Husbands and my bed. Some days she plans on living at home throughout her marriage. Other days she's moving into J's parent's basement...the 'playroom' to be specific. Occasionally she's going to have her own house, but only so she can have her own sewing machine, scissors, and seam ripper.

J will be going to work at C**** with his father, brother, and Husband. His sister, Ray-ray, is staying home to fix "pink milk" for Bitsy.

J is OK with this arrangement...especially the part where six of his progeny live at my house & he has no responsibility for them.

Due to her new status as no longer single, Bitsy is on a mission to make sure everything in the universe has a better half. Her Kewpie dolls are boyfriend-girlfriend (it must be said almost as one word). Her dollar bill for Sunday School and B.B.'s dollar bill for Sunday School are boyfriend-girlfriend. Our couches are boyfriend-girlfriend. It helps if the things match in some way. It's easier to be boyfriend-girlfriend if you have something in common. Our "new blue, blue van" and Beffie's car are boyfriend-girlfriend because they're both blue.

L'Amour, L'Amour. Love is all around me.

I fear J, being the Sophomore Stud that he is, may bring home a (gasp) girlfriend some day. If he does, I'll have to sneak into his room at night & knee cap him. No one breaks my baby's heart.

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