June 10, 2010

If Cute Could Kill

I think it's highly feasible for a person to die of cuteness overdose. Just looking at Ordinary Sarah's Sunshine is proof enough of that.

I'm a tad bit worried that we might need to update our homeowners insurance policy to be sure it covers The Spontaneous Death of Unsuspecting Visitors Due to an Over Abundance of Cuteness.

You see, we have 8 kittens. 7 of them live on my back stoop....in a wiggly pile of cute. Occasionally I step out the back door to find an old baking pan (that Husband uses as a feed dish) over flowing with fur, whiskers, and giant blue eyes. It's enough to make you gag.

On top of that, we have 7 beagle puppies. Although I am not a fan of full grown beagles, I firmly believe beagle pups are one of God's most adorable creations. They're right up there with baby seals and fuzzy yellow ducklings. Beagle pups have eyes that will make you physically ache from the cuteness.

If you add spring lambs, baby chickens, and the horde of fluffy little squirrels running around our yard, just pulling up in our driveway can be fatal.

And I haven't even mentioned the uber-cuteness of Bitsy. A three year old in a bikini*, sunglasses, and pig tails should really be kept under lock & key lest she cause a cute little riot.

Maybe we shouldn't tell our insurance agent about Bitsy.

* Note: Bitsy owns a bikini only because it's the bathing suit that came with her back-zip floaty vest. I could not spend another summer tugging wet Lycra stuffed with foam boards up & down a Popsicle sticky toddler.

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Sarah said...

Oh how lovely!! I can feel the cuteness from across the ocean!! I have just read Suburban Princesses post about her amazingly dressed daughter - sounds like your 2 girls should be friends!! Sarah x