February 15, 2010

The snow day from Hades.

I'm beginning to think who ever coined that phrase about the snow ball in hell, had never really been there (hell, that is). Snow can & does survive in hell. Otherwise, there is no explanation for what has happened around here today.

Last night the snow was softly covering everything in sight. At the rate it was falling, I knew school would be called off this morning. I began fantasizing about a world wrapped in a white muffled silence, sleeping in, watching movies, reading, playing with my children, and enjoying our surprise day off.

Then four o'clock in the morning reared it's ugly head.

Buddy decided it was time to play. I was not easily convinced. After 30 minutes of arguing with a 7 pound dog I lost the ability to fall back to sleep. After an hour & a half of Facebook & Reality Bites, I crawled back in bed....only to have Buddy wake up & decide it was time to play again.

This time it fell to Husband to deal with the fluffy pain-in-the-neck while I snuggled back down in bed & pretended/tried to sleep. That lasted about 8 minutes. I continued to try until nearly 9 am, when the screaming & fighting & "he's trying to kill me" & "she won't stay out of my room" & "Can we have a cup cake?" & "That's MINE!" got too loud & I dragged myself out of my cocoon.

Since then, I've fallen asleep twice, had to suffer through 90 minutes of UFC Ultimate Knock-Outs, 45 minutes of women's cross country skiing (we don't watch it any other time, why must we watch it when it's on the Olympics?!), hours & hours & hours of bickering children, a puppy who's pooped in my house twice today, and the lingering ickyness of last week's head cold.

OK, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. It's not really been hellish. It's just not been much fun.

But this is:

It was sent to me by my old friend (old as in "we've know each other for years" not as in "she's of an advanced age") Layla. She knows how much I miss the sun & warmth, so she sent a bit my way. Thank you, Layla!!

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I'm Layla said...

Hahah, thank you for clarifying that I am not of an advanced age. :)