January 19, 2010

Ultrasound came back OK. CT scan showed a cyst on my ovary....not explaining the kidney issues.

Yesterday I woke up with the stomach bug the Farmhands have been passing around. That was a great addition to the 15 gallons of contrast I had to drink to go for my scan. Luckily it was a 24 hour thing...but still sucky.


Kork said...

glad the first round is showing something that can help somewhere along the lines...hope you're all back to normal with other health things and that the doctors will find the cause of your kidney stuff SOON!

Rae said...

Sorry about Diana's husband. I'm praying for her.
And for you, too. Hope you stay healthy and that everything turns out okay.
Just wanted to let you know that My Tech-free Tuesday failed also. :(
(check todays post)!

Staci said...

I spent the evening in the ER drinking contrast myself. I got two glasses mixed with cranberry juice, and two with apple. If I didn't think "apple juice", then that variety was much better.

My scan showed an enlarged appendix, but until my white blood cell count goes up and/or I get a fever, they won't remove it. Nice, huh? So - I'm with you on the pain.