January 12, 2010

An abismal failure

Well, it was a start, anyway.

Yes, I'm admitting defeat on this, my first ever Tech Free Tuesday.

I was doing good this morning. I got last of the Christmas decorations taken down & packed away. I cleaned off the FarmHand's bedroom doors (they collect stickers, papers, and other odds & ends & tape them to their doors). I rewashed a load of towels I'd forgotten the night we made sausage. I picked up odds & ends scattered about the house.

Then I put a Boz DVD in the kids TV for Bitsy & crashed out on B.B.'s bed. I did not sleep well last night...and it really caught up with me about 9 this morning. At 10 AM, Bethy called & was coming over with a picture she framed for the boys. She stayed until 11:30 or so & we chatted & played with the kids. I made lunch, then she headed off to meet her sister & go shopping.

That's when I really hit rock bottom. I've been battling a kidney infection for about 2 months now & it laid me out this afternoon. After I ate, I stretched out on the couch while the two youngest watched Nick Jr & don't remember much until sometime after 2 when Princess called me. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow & hopefully will nip this thing in the bud (I've been through 2 rounds of antibiotics so far).

Husband's truck is in the shop, so I had to email him info about that...so here I am.

No, I do not plan on spending the rest of the night on Facebook just because I'm on the Internet. No, I do not plan on giving up Tech Free Tuesday as a goal. This is just step one...and it was a bumpy step. It will get better.

And yes, Rae, feel free to link to my blog. The more, the merrier!

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