November 13, 2009

The She-beast has reared her ugly head.

There's really not a good reason for it, but I am in the foulest of moods tonight. I tried taking a nap, but I think that backfired. Bitsy & B.B. were happily watching PBS Kids when I stretched out on the couch, but the peace & calm quickly turned to wrestling & screeching. I do not cope well with being startled out of a lovely nap. It's just not pretty.

BabyGirl & #1 Son got off the bus & the bickering began. That didn't help.

I'm worried (but not overly so) about my mother. I hate being 5 hours away from home when things like this happen, but I keep telling myself people get pneumonia all the time & they're up & going the next week. It's not like I'd be much help if I were there. I can't very well traipse four kids into the hospital to visit in the midst of the worst flu outbreak in decades....not to mention they'd be a bit of a hindrance to the resting part of QM's recovery.

Maybe I should raid the Halloween candy, pour a hot bath, & lock myself in the bathroom for a bit.

Calgon Smirnoff Ice take me away.


Rae said...

Great post! Hope your Mom is better and the Smirnoff helped!

Mama Brown said...

Thinking and praying for you. I am keenly aware of those kinda days and my Friday the 13th was terrible. I lost my wallet...then found it in the buggy at the last store outside, then got to pay $100 for an oil change that should have cost $30, cause the guys was sneaky and by the time I needed to say I'm not paying that, the kids were hungry and past naptime, so I begrudging paid and was sick sick sick the rest of the day!!! I hope today was better and I'm thinking about you and hoping your Mom gets to feeling better soon!!!