November 12, 2009

From the depths of a closet

MIL & FIL are getting new showers in both of their bathrooms. This is going to involve them losing part of their bedroom closet. Not really that big of a deal considering they live in a 5 bedroom house with a full basement & storage abounds....but my MIL could put most any pack rat on the planet to shame.

When it came time to empty their closet, she pulled out clothing her kids wore 25+ years ago....and brought them to our house. I've kept certain special items of clothing when my kids have grown out of them. My mother has articles of clothing my siblings & I wore when we were little, packed away for her grandbabies. But I think MIL kept it all.

The kids are thrilled. They have t-shirts their dad & uncles wore when they were in grade school. Today #1 Son wore a shirt to school with a rat driving a monster car that says "Hot Rod Ratical." B.B. has on a t-shirt from Husband's grade school complete with a bad drawing of Garfield. BabyGirl has on one of her Aunt K's shirts that puts me in mind of the knit peasant blouses that little girls wore in the early 80's. Bitsy is wearing my favorite by far, though. She has on an old blue shirt with an iron on of Beau & Luke Duke that her Daddy wore when he was 3 or 4.

I think B.B. changed shirts 5 or 6 times yesterday. #1 Son has latched on to A.L.F. shirts & BabyGirl is newly in love with an ankle length Care Bear night gown. It's like walking around in a hazy 80's flash back. Now all we need are some rubber bracelets, Ray Bans, & Bananarama on cassette.


Ang said...

the rubber bracelets/gell bracelets have made a comeback in our household. the girls love wearing them. I've kept things my mother and grandmother made, and things my brother brought back from Okinawa Japan.

Now don't tell the washer and dryer about the new found heirloom clothes or they'll end up with the land of lost socks.

Kork said...

Oh my heavens...what fun, and how great that they have clothes that you didn't have to buy! :D

If I come across any of those rubber bracelets, I'll send them your way...OOOOOHHHH...our Wal-mart had some of the ribbon barrette kits that I remember from back in the day...too bad my daughter hasn't enough hair to keep them in yet...right now she's carrying around her bear wearing a bunny suit (from Uncle DesignerMan) and singing "Bear, bear, bear!" and rocking it...