October 5, 2009

Things I know:

  • Dum-dums can cure a host of ills: broken hearts, scraped knees, sad little girls, bruised egos, and getting left behind when Daddy goes to the mail box.
  • Cinderella panties may be the key to getting certain little girls to pee in the potty chair. That & stickers.
  • A visit to the house by the insurance agent on Wednesday guarantees the house is a complete disaster on Monday.
  • An eight year old with SPD & her socks are soon parted.
  • A five year old with an older sister with SPD can begin showing signs at the start of Pre-k. Ugh.
  • Zombies are funny.
  • Mr.Darcy was never meant to be a Vampyre.
  • The Good Lord will provide us with more 2T & 3T clothes than we have room for when the need arises.
  • Forgetting to take my Prozac during a certain week out of the month is a bad idea.
  • Getting to spend most of a weekend with my sister will make me miss her like mad when I have to go home.
  • Getting to spend a few hours one weekend with my best friend will make me miss her like mad when I have to go home.
  • Not seeing pictures of my brother's wedding is making me a bit crazy.


Kork said...

Hugs and prayers for a good and productive day today!!!!

Gail said...

That is why I give away Dum Dums at work, keeps 'em happy.