October 13, 2009

Loving Mary Genevieve

As her Aunt Inkling so simply & beautifully put it, Mary Genevieve was born straight into the arms of Jesus yesterday morning at 7:30.

We know very little as of yet. We may never know much.

The Queen Mother sent an email Monday morning about their trip to the hospital to be with Inkling's baby brother & his wife Sunday night. "Last night Uncle M and I went to the hospital as soon as we heard. When we walked into their room we were amazed it was full of friends. They said friends started coming soon after they got there. They had come to pray with them and just be with them. There was a sweet peace there mingled with great sadness."

QM also told me D's labor was fast, short, and easy. They got to spend time with Mary after her birth. Someone took photographs for them.

Both sets of parents are now there with my cousin's family.

Inkling didn't have to be alone yesterday as Henry David was off work for Canadian Thanksgiving.

Today I'm trying to thank the Lord for small blessings like these.

I feel the need to call home frequently. I feel the need to call my siblings frequently. I feel the need to call Inkling frequently. There's nothing to say, but I need to feel connected.

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