October 15, 2009

The FarmHands discussing The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross:

"How long is this going to take?" -B.B.
"It takes him a really long time to paint a picture." -BabyGirl
"Wow!  That tree looks really real!" -BabyGirl
"Pa!  Pa's shirt!" -Bitsy
"Yeah, he does look like Pa!" -B.B.
"Why does he like trees with bald spots?" -#1 Son
"It does look real." - #1 Son
"His paintings always look real." -BabyGirl
"I just love this show." -BabyGirl
"I just love watching him paint." -#1 Son
"He's dead." -BabyGirl
"He is?  Well, who's playing him, then?" -#1 Son
"Pa's shirt." -Bitsy
I would like to say that my father, in no way, looks like Bob Ross.  But he does, occasionally, wear button down shirts.

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Mama Brown said...

This hilarious!!! I love it!!!