August 24, 2009

There were showers of blessings

It's all over & everything went well! Beck was thrilled with all her gifts, the cake, the games, and the guests. QM, Princess, Grandma M&M, Unkie Di, and Grandma B all came, so along with Beck, my girls & myself, we had 9 people. Just the right size for a bride who doesn't do so well in crowds.

Busha didn't get to come because she & Uncle Gick were at the ER with Bucka. He's come down with pnemonia! He gave us all a pretty good scare Saturday morning with some confusion, a fever, chest pains, chills, and other issues. He's going to spend a few days in the hospital, but the good news (so far) is that his heart doesn't seem to be part of the problem.

Unkie Di & QM loaned us their antique snack sets. Unkie Di loaned us her candy dishes & Grandma B loaned us her punch bowl. Husband's Aunt C loaned me a fruit plate. QM brought her vintage lace table cloth & I hemed a lenght of bright pink fabric to put underneath it. The napkins were white with large pink & yellow flowers & the cake was white with blue boarder & bright pink letters. I thought it all looked very pretty & Beck loved it, so that's all that matters.

We played a memory game first. I made Beck an apron & Princess & I covered it with little things you need in your home that a bride might not register for or think to pick up. Beck wore the apron for a few minutes while everyone checked it out, then the guests had a few minutes to write down everything they remebered. Unkie Di won by remembering 17 out of 22 items. Here's a run down of some of the items: pot scraper, stapler, styptic pencil, sewing kit, rubberbands, post-its, shopping list, ladle, spatula, slotted spoon, mixing spoon, measuring cups, measuring spoons, tape, scissors, tweezers, saftey pins....and a few more.

Next we played Bride & Groom True/Fasle Trivia. 50 statements ranging from "Bubba likes Green Beans" to "Beck was a pool shark in college" to "The couple plans to move to Montana to run a small bed & breakfast" that everyone had to decide if they believed or not. QM won by only missing 7 questions.

After cake & punch, Beck opened her gifts. She was thrilled with everything they got & was repeatedly shocked to find she'd registered for certain things. "When you're shopping with Bubba, it's hard to pay attention," she told us. They got a toaster, lots of kitchen utensils, dishes, flatware, Rubbermaid containers, hand made dish cloths (that nearly left Beck in tears because it reminded her of her grandmother who passed away a few years back), magnets & pot holders made by the FarmHands, and a beautiful set of Noritaki stemware. She could not have been happier.

I keep trying to load pictures for you, but Blogger hates me today. I actually wrote this post a few days ago, but it hated me then, too & wouldn't publish. Grrr.

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