October 19, 2008

It's the Best Day Ever!!

At least that's what the FarmHands told me while they were taking their baths tonight. Although there was a stipulation. They were worried the movie we were about to watch (The Borrowers) wouldn't be good & that would make it only one of the best days ever. So far they seem to like it. No one's moved in 15 minutes, so maybe it's still all good.

Everyone got up & got ready for church this morning happily for a change. The boys didn't want to wear t-shirts under their long sleeve shirts until I told them they would be secret shirts. Then they were thrilled. They were all excited that they didn't have to dress up for church.

They behaved themselves all through Sunday School & Worship Service, then they got to color on little gourds during Children's Church. So exciting! After church, we all had pizza from the local gas station in the fellowship hall. It's the kids favorite, so they were on cloud nine. I was pretty happy myself because I got two slices of supreme which I never get because no one in my family will touch onions & green peppers on their pizza.

After pizza, the entire church loaded up & headed to the pumpkin patch. It's not a huge place, but they had a ton of stuff for the kids to do. Slides, treasure dig, corn maze, dark hay maze, a little hay maze for the kids, a gourd sling shot, hay rides, wagon train rides behind an ATV, & a corn room (seriously, a room about 8 inches deep in dried corn). They LOVED it. Once that was over, they each picked a pumpkin & we headed to get ice cream.

I have just discovered the wonderful world of Dairy Dee. And can I just say....YUMMY!! Needlefingers & Pilot rave about it, but we've never been. I can tell you, we'll be making that trip again in the future. They had lemon ice cream that (while not quite Custard Cup) was heavenly! Even Husband said it was probably the best ice cream he'd ever had.

After a drive home through the country, we carved the newly acquired pumpkins on the picnic table. BabyGirl's is the tall one, #1 Son's is shorter, and B.B. has the little on in the middle. I didn't think his would hold up to carving very well, so we decided to draw it's face. I did the eyes & went to put Bitsy in the bath. B.B. decided to do the mouth all by himself...that's why it's so far off to the side. I did my best to cover the random scribble. He thought drawing on a pumpkin would be much easier than it was. He's thrilled with it, so I'm thrilled with it. The picture without a flash isn't great, but it shows their faces a bit better.

Now we keep having to go outside to check on the jack-o-lanterns. Barefoot. In the cold.

NM, RL, and Beffie are plotting evil against Hank. For those of you who don't know, they are Husband's cousins (ranging in ages from 23 to 17) and Hank is Husband's truck. I know what they're planning & it's brilliant. Husband knows they're plotting but not what & it's making him crazy. He's very worried about Hank. He said he's going to hide his truck. I've assured him that won't help, but he's not listening to me.

It's all about revenge. NM got a brand new car a few months ago. One of the first days he drove it to work, Husband put a note under the wipers that said, "Sorry about the scratch," and had our phone number underneath it. NM & Uncle E didn't recognize the number at first & NM got a bit panicked. He started looking over his new car very upset that someone had already scratched it. After a minute his dad said, "Read that again." When NM read the phone number, Uncle E said, "That's FarmBoy's phone number!" NM's been looking for an opportunity to get Husband back ever since.

If they pull it off, I'll tell you all about it later!


Sarah said...

Hello Farmwife. You sound like you had a lovely Sunday !!I just wondered if you would mind passing a message to Inkling please ? She has left me messages a couple of times on my blog and each time - especially this last time, she has been so lovely ! Please could you let her know " Thank you " from me and if she ever comes over the pond I would love to take her for that pub date !! Thank you ! Sarah x

Lori said...

This is the kind of day that happy childhoods are made of. Makes me smile!

Kork said...

I'm jealous! While we had a good weekend, it wasn't quite as exciting for me as yours was!

Oh well...that's what happens when you've got tiny munchkins that eat their Daddy's magazines...OY!

Martha said...

Great Perfect Day and thanks for sharing!

Gail said...

The Borrowers is one of all time favorite movies!