October 7, 2008

FarmWife Answers, episode ten: The Return

I had forgotten how much I enjoy bestowing my vast amount of useless knowledge on the general public. It's good to be back!

Ang starts off the day with two questions:
1) In this tuff economic state, do you stick with your usual name brand foods, or do you venture into uncharted, unheard of brands to save a few pennies?

In actuality, I'm not a name brand kind of girl. There are a few things I don't skimp on, but I really don't mind going with the store brand generic when ever I can. Now this does not apply to pasta (I buy Barilla Plus because the FarmHands need the added protein & fiber & I love that it cooks up a bit firmer), Mac & Cheese (the generic stuff cooks up into mush for me), or chips (I flat don't like the store brand except for plain potato chips). For the most part, I'll get the cheap stuff every time unless I discover I don't like it. It never hurts to try once or twice.

2) Have you made a decision on what to do with your current hairstyle, you had posted earlier about some thoughts?

My good friend Vic (who reads & comment here sometimes) from church told me about a few salons in town to try out. I gave one a call yesterday to check out prices & see if they have a stylist who specializes in curly/wavy hair. Being a po-dunk place, no one really has specialty stylists around here, but I was happy with their price. Vic says it's quite the place to go & they're very good, so I'm planning on calling today to see if they can get me in Friday.

I need a good trim & new layers around the front. Other than that, I may just leave myself in their capable hands. It's just hair. If I hate it, it will grow out. (Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself.)

And Grace asks:
Would you take a check for $150 and a big, furry brown thing that is shedding so bad that I fill up my vacuum tank every single day after vacuuming only half the house?

Ummm....let me think about that. NO!! Grace, you are evil. But I love you anyway.

Now you have another week to think of your questions for me. And while you're thinking, I have a question for you: Are you following me yet? What's the hold up? Come on, y'all, follow me, follow me, follow me.....On your mark. Get set. Go!


Grace said...

I am shocked, stunned, and horrified that you would say such things to a friend you've known since...what? fourth grade or so! Shocked I tell ya. Shocked and horrified!! ;)

Kork said...

You're funny Grace...hee hee...besides, everyone knows that FarmHands need a CAT much more than they need a trade-in dog... :D

FarmWife said...

Kork, bite your tongue! The FarmHands already have a dozen or so cats. They need another cat (or dog) like they need a hole in their precious little heads.