September 15, 2008

Good news: we sold Bob. Better news: a lady is coming tomorrow to put a deposit on one of Aurora's pups.

I'm not hurting as much now as I was 2 hours ago. Tylenol does good things for me. I still have a fever, but it's not bad. It's 70 degrees outside but I keep swinging from freezing to sweating like a pig.

Art sent up three Wal-Mart bags of clothes for Bitsy from her niece. So cute! I cannot even tell you how cute the clothes are! Makes me happy.

I finished the shower invites I was working on. They've been mailed & I feel much better about it. Now if only I could get to work on the gifts.....I'll wait until I'm not contagious anymore.

Busha picked up her new puppy today. She named her Pepper. Pete was very happy to see his sister again. He needed a friend.

I really have nothing to say today.

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