August 7, 2008


I really should pay better attention to that truck. Next time it runs me over I'll be sure to the the license number so I can report him. ugh...........

Question: why is it that no matter when we plant, sweet corn is ALWAYS ready in the middle of Vacation Bible School week?

Yesterday I put up my second batch of tomato sauce & 3 quarts of corn thinking: I'll get this done early (started at 7:30 am), make lunch, have my WIC home visit (why did I schedule that this week?!), then I can crash until VBS & catch up on my reading.

OK, you can stop laughing now.

Yesterday's totals:
One big pot of tomato sauce made from Kork's recipe.
6- 15 oz bags of tomato sauce frozen (this is not a random amount. That's how much comes in a can at the grocery)
14- one quart bags of sweet corn, blanched, cut off the cob & frozen
8 whole ears of corn, blanched, bagged, and frozen
2 ears of corn per FarmHand fixed to eat randomly through out the day
5 lbs of hamburger browned
2 lbs of browned hamburger set aside for use at a later date
one Frito Pie made for lunch
One WIC home visit over.
six cobs of corn sent home with the WIC nurse for her dinner.
One hour total of time spent off my feet before we got to VBS last night....that includes time feeding Bitsy & myself.
two loads of laundry washed.
two loads of towels put away.
Lots of dishes washed
Finally hit the shower at 4 o'clock to get ready for Bible School.

VBS wears me out all by it's self. Add in a day spent putting up corn, breaking up fights, re-cleaning kids' rooms (I was NOT happy with them), and all the other little things I have to do every day and I'm beat. My wrist hurts from running the electric knife all day yesterday. My legs hurt from being on my feet all day.

I have learned a few things teaching 3rd & 4th graders. For example: third grade boys can be kind of gross. Like when they spend the entire lesson with their fingers up their noses. Ewwww. But they can also be funny/sweet. There's one boy in particular who is VERY animated about EVERYTHING! He starts jabbering as soon as he hits the door & doesn't stop until he leaves 2 hours later. He makes me seem quiet & withdrawn. Seriously. But it's OK, because he thinks I'm pretty. He told me so Monday night. :)

I started out with 2 girls & 4 boys. One boy is sick, so he's gone and a second was sporting a huge sty in his eye, so he was only there one night. I felt really bad for both of them. But in all I have a really good group of kids & we're having a really good week. I pray we make it through the next two days unscathed....then it's on to the great school supply hunt. yippee.

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Vic said...

Busy Day!

I know exactly what boy you are talking about! Or, I think! He is so funny during music time. Last year, he told me I was pretty, guess he has moved on! He sat and stared at you during music the other day, so I knew he found another woman!